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Business Development Strategies  

Business development is a set of multi-level processes, techniques, and methodologies designed to expand an organization’s economic make-up. To improve an organization’s ability to compete management must gain a complete top down understanding of the relevant marketplace. They must also have the know-how to implement and execute a strategy that will enable them to maximize their full potential.  

At Precision Management Institute we have developed a structured approach to help organizations create effective business development strategies.    

Business Performance Management  

Business Performance Management (BPM) is a set of processes that enable organizations to optimize their business performance and make efficient use of their financial, human, material, and other resources. It is a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems that drive business performance. BPM encourages a proactive approach to management providing continuous real-time information to identify and eliminate problems before they metastasize.  

Precision Management Institute has developed a sound approach for developing quality BPM processes for managers to enhance organizational performance. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary for tailoring each assessment to meet the needs of your organization.    

Business Plans  
A business plan is a formal statement that defines the architectural framework of a business. This framework includes financial needs, goals, objectives, and the plans for achieving desired results. For-profit businesses tend to focus on financial goals while non-profit and government organizations tend to focus on service oriented goals. A quality well structured business plan increases the potential for success.  

Precision Management Institute methodically constructs each component of a business plan to help increase our client’s opportunities for achieving desired results.

Business Start-Up & Preparation  

Starting a business is a critical process that sets the tone for the initial phase and success of the business. Owners must be prepared, fully aware of the major steps in the process, and have a plan for effective implementation.  

Precision Management Institute works with business owners and leaders through the start-up process providing tools, information, and guidance to help build successful businesses.    

Communication Strategies  

Communication is the process of exchanging information. This process is conducted using one or more methodologies including both verbal and non-verbal cues. Internal communication refers to employees within the organization while external communication refers to those outside the organization such as customers, partners, media, and others. Communication is a critical factor in business and promoting consistent messages plays a vital role in an organization’s reputation.  

Precision Management Institute understands the power of messaging and the impact it has on an organization’s internal and external relationships. We enable organizations to develop consistent and effective messaging that fall in-line with their overall goals.    

Compensation Plans  

A compensation plan defines how employees are paid for their services within an organization. In addition, a well defined compensation plan helps managers direct their organization and maximize the potential of their employees. This is a method of clearly communicating the expectations of the company.  

At Precision Management Institute we thoroughly assess an organization’s compensation plan in relation to other critical aspects of the business. This helps us redefine and realign the organization according to the desires of it leadership.    

Customer Relationship Management  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a broad term used to cover the concepts, methods, and strategies used by organizations to describe their relationships with customers. The CRM process includes gathering, storing, analyzing, and utilizing customer information to deliver the best possible service. CRM helps to improve customer relationships and foster the potential for further business interactions.  

Precision Management Institute is deeply passionate about the CRM process. We help organizations develop effective methods for expanding relationships to improve both customer satisfaction and performance.

Global Strategic Initiatives  

Global strategic initiatives are plans that guide an organization to expand internationally. These initiatives allow companies to take advantage of the increasing global connectivity. The process of globalization requires thorough strategic plans that enable businesses to meet the challenges ahead.  

At Precision Management Institute (PMI) we understand the benefits and challenges of globalization and what it takes to achieve success on an international platform. By working with PMI, organizational leaders will gain a thorough analysis and detailed strategic plans tailored to their international business needs.    

Non-Profit Strategic Planning  

The primary goals of non-profit organizations are to support an issue or matter of private interest or public concern without an emphasis on increasing monetary profits. Therefore, quality and efficiency are vital components to a non-profit's success that impacts the amount of support received by the organization.  

Precision Management Institute (PMI) understands the value of strategic planning, implementation, and execution. Working with PMI means gaining professional support and effective strategic plans that enable and enhance the potential of achieving the desired results of an organization’s leadership.    

Organizational Culture  

Organizational culture is the specific collection of attitudes, experiences, norms, beliefs, and values shared within an organization. The culture of an organization can either support or hinder its goals. Therefore, it is important for leaders to gain an objective professional viewpoint of their ongoing culture.  

Precision Management Institute provides an objective third party review and evaluation of an organization’s culture. We also provide the tools and resources necessary for possible transformation to help align the organization more directly with its goals.    

Strategic Planning  

Strategic planning is a meticulous process that includes research, analysis, development, and an unwavering commitment to achieve desired results. Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy and making decisions to allocate resources to pursue their goals and objectives.  

Precision Management Institute helps business leaders develop effective strategic plans that will enable them to achieve success.