Precision Management Institute

Foundational Services
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Cost & Cycle Time Reduction  

The process of running a business tends to result in amassing a host of unnecessary costs that hinder the growth of an organization.  

Precision Management Institute is equipped to assist an organization in reducing costs and streamlining organizational processes to ensure optimal performance.    

Improving Knowledge Management  

Knowledge management comprises a range of practices used by organizations to gather, identify, create, present, and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness, and learning. Information and the effective use of information is a critical factor in overall organizational success. Organizations that use information effectively tend to rise while those that do not tend to fall rapidly.  

Precision Management Institute (PMI) is an expert in the process of improving knowledge management. Companies that work with PMI are equipped with the tools necessary for effective knowledge management processes.    

Organizational Mission  

The mission, vision, and values of an organization help define the meaning and purpose for its existence. These core fundamental statements also provide direction and guidance for an organization’s members, clearly presenting the ‘where’ and the ‘how’. Leaders must carefully plan this core fundamental aspect of forming or reforming their organizations.  

Precision Management Institute (PMI) understands the power and potential of these fundamental statements on an organization. We help leaders reveal and articulate their true desires through their organization. Leaders can draw from PMI’s expertise on gaining buy-in, tapping into the heart of their organization and driving their companies toward producing their desired results.

Organizing Strategies  

Organizing a business can be a daunting task. An unorganized business reduces efficiency and effectiveness. The process of organizing can seem overwhelming with the obligations of daily operational responsibilities.  

At Precision Management Institute we help business leaders get organized and develop effective systems to build their businesses.    

Organizational Structuring  

Organizational structure is the framework on which an organization operates and communicates. A well structured organization helps to streamline communication, effectively adapt to change, and efficiently respond to crisis situations. However, a poorly structured organization can significantly hinder communication, adaptation, and overall efficiency thus increasing costs and reducing profitability.  

At Precision Management Institute we help structure organizations to function more efficiently. By thoroughly examining an organization leaders can align their resources to increase productivity and achieved desired results.