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Evaluations & Analysis
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Employee Job Satisfaction  

Employee job satisfaction is the perception of how employees view their jobs. A thorough evaluation and analysis can reveal the quality of work, environment, and overall commitment to the goals and objectives of the organization by employees. Poor job satisfaction significantly reduces overall performance and the potential of an organization.  

At Precision Management Institute we thoroughly investigate employee job satisfaction and provide detailed analysis that includes a strategic approach to improvement.    

Employee Turnover  

Employee turnover is the rate at which an employer gains and loses staff. Some industries regularly cycle through employees because of the nature of their businesses; therefore, a reduction in turnover would be minimal and unnecessary. However, there are those companies with low turnover, benefiting from the constant increases in the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities of their employees who apply their acquired expertise to their specific areas of responsibility.  

Precision Management Institute examines organizations and if necessary helps to achieve significant reductions in employee turnover.    

Operations Management  

Operations management is an area of business concerned with the production of goods and services. It also emphasizes responsibility of ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.  

Precision Management Institute is equipped to assess, design, develop, and restructure an organization’s operations to ensure more efficient and effective operational performance.

Organizational Governance  

Organizational governance is the process of creating, communicating, directing, and enforcing policies and procedures within an organization. This process helps to protect and guide an organization in the desired direction of its leadership.  

At Precision Management Institute we understand the risks associated with managing people and the challenges of governing. We help business leaders create policies and procedures that are inline with relevant regulatory agencies and promote fairness within their organization.    

Supply Chain  

A supply chain is a coordinated system that includes organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service in physical or virtual manner from supplier to customer. There are critical functions within a supply chain network that can hinder or enhance the quality of operations.  

At Precision Management Institute we thoroughly analyze the operational functions of a business and provide detailed feedback on how to logistically improve an organization's supply chain network.