Precision Management Institute

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Leadership & Management Assessment  

Both leadership and management are essential in providing direction, generating revenue, and enforcing the policies that help protect the assets of an organization. Through a management and leadership assessments organizations will gain a better understanding of their overall influence.  

Precision Management Institute has extensive expertise in both quality leadership and sound management. We are able to help organization’s improve and enhance their influence to achieve desired results while providing feedback on sound applicable managerial practices to monitor progress.    

Organizational Culture  

Organizational culture is the specific collection of attitudes, experiences, norms, beliefs, and values shared within an organization. The culture of an organization can either support or hinder its goals. Therefore, it is important for leaders to gain an objective professional viewpoint of their ongoing culture.

Precision Management Institute provides an objective third party review and evaluation of an organization’s culture. We also provide the tools and resources necessary for possible transformation to help align the organization more directly with its goals.    

Organizational Diagnosis  

An organizational diagnosis is a thorough in-depth analysis on the more intricate and sensitive components of an organization. This process reviews and uncovers the vital aspects of a business in preparation for restructuring or redirecting.  

Precision Management Institute realizes the significance of each component within an organization and its impact on the whole. We take a sound approach to uncovering and revealing potentially harmful areas, help leaders proactively solve problems, and place them on a course for greater success.

Performance Evaluations  

Performance evaluations, also known as appraisals, are regular reviews of employee performance within an organization. These evaluations are used for many reasons, such as providing feedback, identifying training needs, forming a basis for personnel decisions, salary increases, promotions, and disciplinary actions.  

Precision Management Institute understands the importance of evaluating performance and helps business leaders discover and define effective systems of measurement.    

Sales Evaluation & Design  

Business sales reveal valuable information about the quality of a business. At Precision Management Institute we realize the importance of designing sales teams and the critical process of evaluation. Our experience and expertise will help enable your organization to maximize its sales potential.    

360 Degree Assessment  

A 360 Degree Assessment is an approach that measures and evaluates an employee from multiple sources such as subordinates, peers, managers in the organizational hierarchy, self-assessment by the employee, and external sources. This assessment has many benefits such as the following:

§ Make sound promotional decisions
§ Apply human asset data to the valuation of the organization
§ Take advantage of under-utilized personnel strengths to increase productivity
§ Avoid the trap of counting on skills that may be weak in the organization
§ Design more efficient coaching and training programs
§ Support the organization in marketing the skills of its members
§ Improve the accuracy of succession planning  

Precision Management Institute has developed a sound approach to conducting quality assessments that enable organizational leaders to make more precision oriented decisions that lead to greater efficiency and productivity. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary for tailoring each assessment to meet the needs of your organization.