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Be respectful in your actions and be a student of life

Learn what the real values are in your family. Ask questions so you can really know what things mean and why your family believes what they believe.   

Tools & Resources


BlueBlockSm "Teaching Children Values"
      Life is not what it used to be. Yesterday’s child grew up, lived, and died within a small    
      community. Today’s child, on the other hand, faces a kaleidoscope of choices. And
      tomorrow’s child will enter an even more diverse world. Review >


BlueBlockSm "Living Values Activities for Children, Ages 8-14"
      The living values educational program values activities are designed to motivate students
      and to involve them in thinking about themselves, others, the world and values in ways
      that are relevant. They are designed to provoke the experience of values within and build
      inner resources. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Raising Patriotic Kids"
      No democracy can survive without a self-disciplined population. Preserving our democratic
      way of life requires that we teach our youngsters the true meaning of patriotism: “There is
      no freedom without responsibility.” Review >

BlueBlockSm "Teaching Values’ Programme: It’s Impact on Urban Children (5-7 Years)"
      The present study was undertaken to assess the impact of teaching values programme
      on urban children. The study was based upon the sample of 450 children of a randomly
      selected school of Ludhiana City. A ‘teaching values’ programme was designed to
      inculcate eleven universal values in children by means of stories, songs, discussion, art
      etc. Review >